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  Applications Material Size (mm) Shape
GC-DO  Removal O2 in H2, N2 Pd@Al2O3 3~5 S
GC-DS  Removal Sulfur ZnO@blinder 3.0 E
GC-DC  Removal Chlorine Na2O@Al2O3 2~4 S
GC-HTS  High temperature shift FeCrCu 5~7 E
GC-LTS  Low temperature shift CuZn@Al2O3 4~6 E

Shape:  S-sphere  E-cylindrical extrudate   
Form:  1-Oxide
We also offer serial and group catalysts used in petrochemical and natural gas chemical processing such as catalysts and adsorbents in synthetic ammonia unit, hydrogen  producing unit, acetylene hydrogenation catalyst in PE processing, propane dehydrogenation catalyst, and so on.       

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