• Hydrotreating Catalysts: Improving the Quality of Petroleum Products

    Hydrotreating Catalysts: Improving the Quality of Petroleum Products

     Hydrotreating catalysts play a vital role in the refining of petroleum products, particularly in the hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of naphtha, vacuum gas oil (VGO) and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD).  These catalysts are critical for removing sulfur, nitrogen and other imp...
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  • How are molecular sieves made?

    Molecular sieves are essential materials for gas and liquid separation and purification in various industries. They are crystalline metalloaluminosilicates with uniform pores that selectively adsorb molecules based on their size and shape. The manufacturing process of mo...
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  • Is zeolite cost effective?

    Is zeolite cost effective?

    Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral that has gained attention for its wide range of applications, including water purification, gas separation, and as a catalyst in various chemical processes. One particular type of zeolite, known as USY zeolite, has been the focus ...
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  • What is molecular sieve used for?

    What is molecular sieve used for?

    Molecular Sieves: Learn About Their Applications and Uses   introduce  Molecular sieves, also known as synthetic zeolites, are porous materials that selectively adsorb molecules based on their size and polarity. This unique property allows mole...
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  • Silica gel: a versatile solution for purifying PSA hydrogen units in the refining industry

    In industries that require high-purity hydrogen, such as refineries, petrochemical plants and the chemical industry, reliable purification processes are crucial. Silica gel is a highly efficient adsorbent that has proven its worth time and time again in purifying PSA hydrogen units, ensuring the ...
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  • Gasoline CCR Reform: A Revolution in the Fuel Industry

     In a growing fuel industry, there is a growing demand for cleaner, more efficient gasoline. To meet these challenges, international catalyst and adsorbent supplier Shanghai Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. (SGC) has been at the forefront of developing advanced technologies.  Combining its technical expert...
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  • Improving Industrial Efficiency and Sustainability Using Shanghai Gas Chemical Co., Ltd.’s C5/C6 Isomerization Catalyst

    Shanghai Gascheme Co., Ltd. (SGC) is a leading international supplier of catalysts and adsorbents for the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries.  Committed to technological innovation and excellence, SGC has a strong reputation for delivering high performance a...
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  • Shale gas purifying

    Shale gas is a type of natural gas extracted from shale formations deep within the Earth’s surface. However, before shale gas can be used as an energy source, it must be cleaned to remove impurities and pollutants. Shale gas cleanup is a complex process involving multiple stages of treatmen...
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  • Metal Enclosure Box

    Are you in need of a durable and reliable enclosure for your electronic components? Look no further than a metal enclosure box. In this article, we’ll explore what a metal enclosure box is, how it’s used, and its many benefits. First, let’s define what a metal enclosure box is. ...
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  • 5A Molecular Sieve

    Are you looking for a powerful desiccant to keep your products dry during transport or storage? Just look at 5A molecular sieves! In this article, we’ll explore what 5A molecular sieve is, how it works, and its many applications. First, let’s define what a molecular sieve is. Simply p...
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  • Molecular Sieve for Hydrogen Purification

    Molecular sieves are widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries for various separation and purification processes. One of their important applications is in the purification of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen is widely used as a feedstock in various industrial processes, such as the producti...
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  • What is catalytic dewaxing?

    Catalytic dewaxing is a vital process in the petroleum industry that removes waxy compounds from crude oil. This process is crucial in ensuring that petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel have the desired low-temperature properties. In this article, we will discuss what catalyt...
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