• Study on acid leaching process of Co Mo based hydrotreating catalyst

    Response surface methodology (RSM) was used to study the nitric acid leaching process of waste Co Mo based hydrotreating catalyst. The aim of this study was to introduce the CO and Mo from the spent catalyst into the solvent in the form of water-soluble, so as to facilitate the subsequent purific...
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  • Preparation of carbon molecular sieve from carbon fiber

    If the jujube dots of huanbingwei and CMB are combined together, the new material will have the following advantages: no dust will be produced when used. It is enhanced by 5-FU. Carbon fiber molecular sieves with ion exchange ability can be prepared by further physical and chemical treatment. The...
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  • Properties and application of activated carbon

    Activated carbon: is a kind of non-polar adsorbent used more. Generally, it needs to be washed with dilute hydrochloric acid, followed by ethanol, and then washed with water. After drying at 80 ℃, it can be used for column chromatography. Granular activated carbon is the best choice for column ch...
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