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  Applications Material Size (mm) Shape
GC-HP406 HDS for naphtha NiMo@Al2O3  1.2, 1.6   TL
GC-HP516 HDS and HDN for naphtha NiMoW@Al2O3  1.2, 1.6   TL
GC-HP448 HDS and HDN for VGO and diesel NiMo@Al2O3  1.6, 2.5   TL
GC-HP526 HDS for VGO and ULSD NiCoMo@Al2O3  1.2, 1.6   TL
GC-HP538 HDS and HDN for VGO and diesel NiMo@Al2O3  1.2, 1.6   TL
GC-HP548 HDS and HDN for VGO and diesel NiCoMo@Al2O3  1.2,1.6,2.5   TL
GC-HP558 HDS and HDN for VGO and diesel NiCoW@Al2O3  1.2,1.6   TL
GC-HP626 HDS for ULSD NiCoMoW@Al2O3  1.2,1.6   TL
GC-HP776 HDC for middle distillates NiW@Al2O3  1.6   TL
GC-PH742 HDC for middle distillates NiMoW@Al2O3  1.6   TL
GC-HP845 Hydrogenation of olefins & diolefins NiMo@Al2O3  3~5   S

Shape:  S-sphere     TL-trilobal extrudate
Form:   1-Oxide       
For different distillates, our serial hydrotreating catalysts can satisfy your applications in refining processing such HDS for naphtha, HDS and HDN for naphtha, HDS and HDN for VGO and diesel, HDS and HDN for FCC gasoline, HDS for VGO and ULSD, HDS for ULSD, HDS and HDN for middle distillates, HDC for middle distillates, saturation for olefins and diolefins, Hydrocracking for VGO/Gasoil. HDS/HDN/HDM for VR.

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