Preparation of carbon molecular sieve from carbon fiber

If the jujube dots of huanbingwei and CMB are combined together, the new material will have the following advantages: no dust will be produced when used. It is enhanced by 5-FU. Carbon fiber molecular sieves with ion exchange ability can be prepared by further physical and chemical treatment. Therefore, carbon fiber-based carbon molecular sieves have become a new kind of attractive activated carbon materials.
The activated carbon molecular sieves (ACFs) with larger pore volume and specific surface area and higher micropore content were prepared by secondary activation of FPN based activated carbon felt (ACFs) with KOH as catalyst. The effects of KOH impregnation ratio, activation time and activation temperature on the adhesion and pore structure of ACFs were investigated The results showed that the ACF prepared under the conditions of activation temperature of 1073k and active time of 50mir had higher milk attachment ability, which was suitable to be used as the precursor of fibrous CMS.

Post time: Nov-05-2020