Activated Alumina

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  Applications Material Size (mm) Shape
GC-A1 Drying, Purifying Alumina 1.5~3.0 S
GC-A2 Drying, Purifying in PSA system Alumina 3.0~5.0 S
GC-A3 Drying, Purifying Alumina 4~6,5~7 S
GC-A4 Air, Liquid drying Alumina 3~5,5~7 S
Promoted Alumina
GC-SA351 Polymer production purifying Promotor@Al2O3 1.5~3.0,2~5 S
GC-SA451 CS2, COS and H2S removal Promotor@Al2O3 2~5 S
GC-SA857 HCl removal from gases Promotor@Al2O3 1.5~3.0 S
GC-SA858 HCl removal from hydrocarbon liquids Promotor@Al2O3 1.5~2.5 S
GC-SA513 Drying, Purifying (Multibed) Promotor@Al2O3 3~5 S
GC-SA890 HCl removal from gases Promotor@Al2O3 3~5 S

Shape: S-sphere   
Form: 1-Oxide  
We offer complete serial alumina types to satisfy your application in normal gas and drying, PSA processing.
Alumina catalysts as adsorbents for Polymer production purifying (PE), CS2, COS and H2S removal, HCl removal from gases, HCl removal from hydrocarbon liquids, Drying, Purifying (Multibed).

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